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If You Ain’t Talking Money, Citi Wants to Talk

Most Americans would rather shut their wallets and their mouths before openly discussing their finances.  However, one global bank is on a mission to spark this difficult conversation.  Today, Citi revealed its new digital advertising campaign, encouraging their customers to start talking money. According to their research, two-thirds of consumers think talking about money is distasteful; while another half report feeling “uncomfortable” with the discussion.

CEO of Global Cards and Consumers Services, Jud Linville says the purpose of this campaign is for the banks clients to feel comfortable asking Citi all their difficult financial questions. She says, “To us, it is about emotionally connecting with them, partnering with them to improve their financial lives and enabling their growth and progress.”  This digital campaign will confront the topic of money head-on and help Citi build a stronger relationship with their clients.

 The campaign will feature Stranger Things actor, Millie Bobby Brown who will ask humorous yet difficult “Would You Rather Questions” to the audience. The idea is to emotionally connect with consumers in a light hearted fashion, in order to find the real reason people do not want to talk about what’s in the bank. The campaign is scheduled to preview today, promoting the tagline “Moneys tough. Let’s face it.” After the ad is previewed, Citi will begin spreading the message on social media channels.

 Citi is working to stand out from the competition by building an emotional connection to the community. The bank already has a content hub with academic experts writing articles helping to answer questions they believe the public may have about money. This campaign is a unique way to approach a topic that is sensitive in many households. Citi is positioning themselves as more than a bank, but as a trusted advisor to their customers.




One comment on “If You Ain’t Talking Money, Citi Wants to Talk

  1. francescajo
    November 28, 2016

    This is a very good idea because most banks do not really connect on an emotional level with the public and this is really a good way to get engaged with them. I like the idea of using a celebrity figure to ask humorous questions to the public this will get a nice funny flow from them and get them interested with the whole goal of the campaign.


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