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Macy’s Spreading Christmas Cheer

Today, Macy’s kicked off their annual Believe campaign by asking people to participate in their first project. The Believe campaign encourages customers to write letters to Santa and send them in either online or in person. For every letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

 In order to promote the campaign, Macy’s created The Santa Project. This part of the Believe campaign encourages people to promote positive messages of belief throughout the internet. By asking people to post photo messages and videos about why they believe in Santa, Macy’s hopes to drown out the negativity children can see on social media. In December, Macy’s will select the best posts that will be featured in their holiday commercial. In order to participate, people are asked to create IPhone videos and post them on social media with #SantaProject.

While developing The Santa Project, Macy’s conducted research to prove believing in Santa has a positive impact on children’s lives. An Ipsos survey indicated that 66% of parents say it is important for their children to believe in Santa. However, 44% of parents also think that the belief in Santa is decreasing. Nowadays, children have accesses to a plethora of information making it easy for them to find the truth about Santa.

Child psychologist, Dr. Jacqueline Woolley, says studies have proven children who believe in Santa (among other holiday characters) have better creativity and critical thinking skills. Woolley says, “The kind of thinking involved in imagining how reindeer could fly through the sky is the same kind of thinking required for imagining solutions to today’s biggest problems.” The goal of the Santa Project is to promote this idea and keep the holiday spirit alive.


Macy’s has done an incredible job in their effort to support local and national charities. Every year they donate over $69 million to help their customers and make a positive presence in their lives. Through The Santa Project, Macy’s is able to build a relationship with their customers, strengthen the community, and promote the holiday season.


2 comments on “Macy’s Spreading Christmas Cheer

  1. francescajo
    November 14, 2016

    This is a good PR campaign because in a way it is bringing people together and it is an idea that is outside the box and something that is very much unexpected. They really are spreading Christmas and showing what the holidays are all about. I like the hashtag because it just makes people think of what the holidays are all about and bring positivity around.


  2. cagecoleman
    November 28, 2016

    My initial thoughts on this article were a bit negative because i’m not a fan of Santa, but as I continued to read, I noticed that Macy’s actually had facts to back up their reasoning. I think this is a great way to take away all the negativity that is, the Internet. I also think it is very innovative and a great big idea!


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