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Vera Bradley’s New Ad Campaign Asks Why It’s Good to Be a Girl and Some of the Answers Are Sad


Published: 9/20/16


Vera Bradley’s recent new advertisements to come back on top have might done the opposite. Recently Vera Bradley has been rebranding themselves trying to target a wider audience. Most of their styles and patterns reflect the 70’s bring back old school trends. To help push their new line they created a hashtag #whyitsgoodtobeagirl asking girls and mature teens why they enjoy being a girl. Some responses from customers, and Vera Bradley followers have been published as ads. People responded to the hashtag answering why they believe it is good to be a girl and others gave Vera Bradley backlash. The consumer target seems to be misunderstood, people are confused as to who they are trying to reach, young girls or adults. According to Jezebel, “The company saw huge losses last year in a 10.6 percent decrease in comparable sales. This year, they’re down by 6.1 percent so far. They’re not hitting with the precious millennial demo, who are not interested in wearing huge cotton quilted tote bags into meetings. This hashtag may be the result of confused ideas about what women between the ages of 25 and 40 are looking for, and that’s almost certainly not to be treated like girls”(Lutkin).



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2 comments on “Vera Bradley’s New Ad Campaign Asks Why It’s Good to Be a Girl and Some of the Answers Are Sad

  1. francescajo
    November 20, 2016

    I believe yea they are a bit confused because they should have been more precise about who their target audience they are trying to reach is. Its different for every age group and not the same. The hashtag is wrong because they are asking girls and I know very well that when a girl gets to certain when she gets her period she is seen as a woman and in a sense they are not reaching their goal because some girls of nowadays do not like their bags because its not what they are interested in and it is something that they have to improve on as a brand if they want their sales to go up.


  2. cagecoleman
    November 28, 2016

    This article I find interesting because it’s a perfect example of how things can be misinterpreted for the worse. I feel like this campaign was meant to be a positive thing, but was taken the wrong way. What I really want to see is the negative side and what kind of negative responses they received. Also, I think it’s interesting that in this day and age, that hashtag was received well by anyone. What I mean is that most get offended by statements like “why its good to be a girl.” Great Post!


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