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Ratings for KUWTK keep falling, is it any wonder Kim’s gunpoint ordeal is seen by some as a huge PR stunt.


Title: As ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians keep falling, is it any wonder Kim’s gunpoint ordeal is seen by some as a huge PR stunt, writes


Shocker, Kim Kardashian and Kanye west break headlines in the news once again but this time not for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or over the top outfits. Kim recently was in Paris and held at gunpoint and robbed of her 3.5 million 20 carat diamond engagement ring from Kanye West. Just a week before being robbed Kim had recently posted a instagram post to her 84.1 million followers of her 2 expensive engagement rings side by side on her hand. Kim was held at gunpoint by 5 masked men who fled with 7.8 million dollars worth of jewelry and this all went down in a bathroom with no security to be found. This ordeal is currently under investigation and many people believe it was a PR stunt to boost the ratings of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as ratings have been falling recently and hit an all time low. Boshoff states, “The story was picked over, with some asserting that bathrooms cannot generally be locked from the outside, so how did this happen? Many found it hard to believe that her security team was absent. How or why she was on her own in a foreign city with all these jewels is just bananas. I do not understand it, especially as you see her bodyguard in pictures with her every day”(Boshoff).  There is no evidence right now surrounding this scandal. I believe this was defiantly a PR stunt yet again by the Kardashians putting them back in the spotlight. The Jenner’s know exactly what it takes to get the ratings up and they succeeded with this, as this news broke not just in the US but other countries as well. I think it is disgusting that this makes headlines when we have many other actual “serious” problems going on that need to be dealt with.




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One comment on “Ratings for KUWTK keep falling, is it any wonder Kim’s gunpoint ordeal is seen by some as a huge PR stunt.

  1. francescajo
    October 26, 2016

    I agree with you that is a PR stunt on her part because what happened to her does not make any sense. All that occurred at that hotel in Paris did not add up because even her friend calling 911 in a foreign country just does not add up because everyone knows the number to call the cops there is 112. I like you last line with how you said it is disgusting that we are talking about this when there are some serious things going on all over the world everyday.


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