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Au Naked?

“To promote its all natural coffee-mate creamer, which only consists of four ingredients (milk, a touch of sugar, cream and natural flavors), Nestle used ‘Au Naturel’ – basically, naked and body painted – staff and customers in The Natural Bliss Cafe, taking over Irving Farm Coffee Roasters on New York’s Lower East Side.”

This is a great way to promote a product and get the point across. It’s shocking but in a good way. It’s attention grabbing. When I first saw the picture, my eyes didn’t catch on until I read the caption. Then I glanced at the picture again and my eyes jumped out of my sockets. This is hilarious.

Well worth the PR stand point. Their video got 2.4  million views.

“Shock value ahoy as customers can barely keep their minds on what they went in to order.”

I can see why. When you basically have naked men and women taking your orders.

Funny and great idea.



2 comments on “Au Naked?

  1. Fendi for Yourself
    October 24, 2016

    I think this was an interesting way to advertise. Now days it is hard to get peoples attention and lift the bar higher considering the tough competition companies have on them now days. Like you said people probably looked at the photo and had no idea what was going on so it made them read more, which gets Nestle’s point across.


  2. francescajo
    November 20, 2016

    I believe this is a good way to get people’s attention because this is an idea that is something that is outside the box. What they are trying to market a coffee that is all natural and show this with the people that are painted because they are all natural and they representing what they are trying to sell and it would get anyone interested.


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