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“Why ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Should Replace Ryan Lochte — With Me”


ARTICLE TITLE: “Why ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Should Replace Ryan Lochte — With Me”

SOURCE: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/281687

Author: Jonathon Long

In this recent Public Relations Article Titled Why Dancing With the Stars’Should Replace Ryan Locate shares ABC’s Public Relation scheme to gain more viewers. With the recent Olympics in Rio, Brazil and the Ryan Locate drama going around different media channels of his “lying scandal” that has been unfolded and highly researched into. For those of you who don’t know whats going on Locate (olympic male swimmer) went out one night during the olympic trails and reported to police that he was mugged and had some belongings taken from him, and also held at gun point. After researching the story Locate was caught in a exaggerated lie which caused him not only to apologize on national television, but more importantly he lost many if not all of his endorsements. Although ABC has not dropped him from hit show “Dancing With the Stars” that he will be soon appearing on. Many people don’t agree with this as they believe he should have been dropped but ABC states that they brought him on as a Celeb before the incident. Little do the viewers know this is just a PR stunt used by ABC to gain more viewers, and create more discussion to get more people to join in on the new season to see whats going on, and create higher ratings. ABC could have used this to differentiate themselves from other networks as a more ethical network by dropping him instead of endorsing bad behavior which are society, has a habit of doing ( ex. Kardashians). This issue can also be related back to internet marketing/ social media marketing. Craig De Borba CEO of internet marketing states “Just because someone is trending on google does not necessarily mean you want your brand attached to them”(Borba). Rewarding stupidity over being ethical.


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One comment on ““Why ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Should Replace Ryan Lochte — With Me”

  1. francescajo
    September 19, 2016

    I think this blog post about this topic is shows something that is true they should have been different and endorse bad behavior. I liked the quote from the Craig De Borba CEO, “Just because someone is trending on google does not necessarily mean you want your brand attached to them.” What she is saying is true because nowadays people show bad stuff on television instead of the good that people should look up too.

    Liked by 1 person

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