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5 reasons for PR pros to question marketing on Facebook

Facebook has become a powerful tool in the marking and PR world over the last few years. With 1.59 billion users, Facebook may seem like the ultimate place to advertise your brand. Even though the costs to promote your brand are low, here are 5 reasons why it might not be a good idea to use Facebook to promote your brand.

1. Facebook controls everything, but offers very little flexibility.

Facebook doesn’t give businesses enough room to demonstrate what they are promoting. They are very limited to the space they have to give descriptions of their product or service, which might not be enough to get their word across to the public.

2. Facebook is not a professional business network.
If you have a sophisticated business, Facebook is not the place for you to advertise your brand. Facebook very professional when looking for a higher clientele. It is also easy to confuse your personal page with your business one, if you are a “solo trader.”
3. Facebook is first and foremost for personal content.
Facebook isn’t the publics go-to sight when looking to buy something. They use other outlets like Google and Amazon. When people are using Facebook, they are looking to interact with their friends. They get annoyed by the random ads that get in their way while scrolling through pictures.
4. Facebook fans aren’t real customers.
People on Facebook like pages not because they have purchased their product or service and like it, but because they are “just interested in the content,” and never actually purchase anything the business is offering. The number of likes does not equal the amount of products or services a business has sold.
5. Facebook is overcrowded.
Due to the vast amount of users on Facebook, it is extremely hard for an ad to get noticed on top of the hundreds of other things that are posted on everyone’s news feed.

I believe that Facebook is a great tool to get the word out about anything you want to promote, but not necessarily for a professional business. All of these reasons explain why Facebook isn’t beneficial for a business looking for a higher clientele. Facebook is meant to be fun and personal. Trying to get people to buy things on Facebook doesn’t seem like it would be very efficient for a business’s success.



One comment on “5 reasons for PR pros to question marketing on Facebook

  1. Fendi for Yourself
    September 11, 2016

    I found this article very intriguing! I have been a member of Facebook from 2009 and have seen a vast change in the amount of pop up ads going from none, to a little, escalating to multiple across my newsfeed a day. Not only is it annoying to see it constantly up and down the sides of my feed, but I find it extremely creepy and scary! Facebook is using what you search for and how you click to promote certain ads on your screen. You get literally no privacy anymore on Facebook. They control what you look at and what you are seeing. If Facebook keeps moving at the pace it is with advancements I can’t image how it will be in the next five years. Out of all the points stated I firmly agree with point 1. “Facebook controls everything, but offers very little flexibility”. Facebook does not give you many privacy options and controls not only what you are seeing but the overall layout of what you see on your newsfeed. Businesses don’t have much say either. With no tight security and lower privacy options gives people the opportunity to be stalked, presented in a unethical way, not show a true representation of who they are or what their business is like.


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