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Do you think GAP was in the wrong? GapKids Releases controversial “racist” Ad

GapKids and Ellen Degeneres recently put out a new ad campaign featuring a dance troupe of young girls, in what was meant to be an inspiring and empowering campaign.  The print ad was perceived as being racist by many, while others didn’t even think twice about it.

Let’s try to be subjective first. Just take a look at this photo without thinking about race and tell me what’s wrong with the picture.

gap kids

To me , I didn’t see anything wrong with this photo at first.  The clothing itself wasn’t offensive, and there was no text with the ad that could be construed as distressing or upsetting.  It wasn’t until I read online articles about the controversy that I could see why some people were upset.

The argument is that a.) She’s the only black girl in the photo, and b.) she’s being used as a “prop”, basically an armrest for the older, white girl.  The other three girls are striking powerful poses.

Did that change your point of view? It definitely swayed me more in that direction. It’s GapKids immediately pulled the ad and issued an apology:

“As a brand with a proud 46 year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended,” said Gap spokeswoman Debbie Felix (Fox News)

Their PR team was quick to jump and respond, as we’ve learned we should be. Do you think the picture itself is racist? How do you feel about the picture? Should GapKids PR team have caught this issue before it was published? Let me know below

Gap apologizes for controversial clothing line ad some called ‘racist’



2 comments on “Do you think GAP was in the wrong? GapKids Releases controversial “racist” Ad

  1. Alex Angelos
    April 23, 2016

    At first glance, I didn’t see anything wrong with this advertisement. It wasn’t until I saw the words “racist” that I started to look closer to the meaning behind the picture, and saw what some people may have been outraged by. Growing up I remember Gap always using diverse models for their clothing, so hearing that they had posted a racist advertisement didn’t seem right to me.

    After analyzing the picture, I think it is racist. There are so many questions to why the one girl is wearing pink when all the others are wearing all blue, and why is she the smallest one, and why if she being leaned on? What was the idea behind this pose? I think the GapKid’s PR team should have definitely caught this because it is very obvious. They could have saved themselves a lot of criticism, but it was smart for them to remove the ad and apologize.


  2. kaylafavaloro
    April 27, 2016

    At first glance I did not see what was wrong with this ad. I believe that GAP truly did not mean anything by it, as they did pull the ad away and apologize for offending anyone.I believe that yes GAP should of truly looked at this ad more closely to see if there was a problem, but at the same time if it was not intentionial so we cant blame them.


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