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The article I found for this week talked about how important it is to treat your content like it’s royalty. This means, you have to be able to present your products and/or services confidently and strategically. In order to supercharge your content, Coleman listed 7 strategies  to use. For Squeeze, I didn’t think some were applicable so I chose 4 that made sense.

  1. Make the most of your content with the right medium — Because there’s so many different social media channels, it’s necessary for Squeeze to find which channels reach their audiences best. Right now, Squeeze uses Facebook and Instagram which are two powerful channels. I think Squeeze could benefit from adding a YouTube channel or Pinterest page to their site. These 2 channels are very visually appealing which would help Squeeze reach a new audience that may not use their other social media channels.
  2. Your content has to be accessible for you to be successful — People are always on the go, in a hurry, or using their cell phones for information. It’s important for Squeeze to keep their content easily accessible. They can do this by making sure their social media links can be found on their website easily. Instead of sticking the icons at the bottom of the page where people may miss them, they should be places at the top.
  3. Keep your content geared toward your community — Having a strong presence on social media allows your target audience know exactly what you’re doing and when. For Squeeze, I think their social media needs to show more about their community involvement. They could share posts at the markets, share customer interactions and stories, etc. This way your audience knows you’re involved in the community and with your customers which will help them gain more followers and allow for interactions on social media.
  4. Encourage feedback — Local brands should encourage clients and customers to leave feedback. Whether this is about products, customer services or even small issues such as parking, it’s important to let your audience have a say and know you are listening. This also means your company needs to provide excellent customer service and recognize positive and negative feedback.

I’ve written a lot about strategies to improve Squeeze’s social media presence but I think improving this will allow Squeeze to grow as a business. Hopefully these new strategies will be beneficial.

Article/Photo: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/7-ways-supercharge-your-local-content-strategy


3 comments on “Supercharge Your Content

  1. empa94
    April 19, 2016

    Good article and good tactics to learn how to expose our content. I like you blog and your explanation, they can be really helpful to others.


  2. tayloreste
    April 19, 2016

    Great post! This is very informative and can be useful for many students while planning a campaign or even for just future reference.


  3. samschafferblog
    April 20, 2016

    very insightful! I liked the points you brought up, they seem to be consistent with what we learned in class and on HootSuite. Always put your content out there, make it consistent, make it easy to read and find, and ask customers their opinion’s, to make the product even better. I will keep these in mind in the future for my postings for the company I work for.


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