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Burger King wants customers to develop a sign for its Whopper


This article was published by Kevin Allen in PR Daily and discusses how Burger King will honor American Sign Langauge day. In honor of American Sign Language day (April 15th), Burger King asked the public to create what will be the official sign for their well known whopper sandwich. The marketing team at Burger King released a video that encourages fans to particpate in creating the future sign of the whopper. They said to use the hashtag, #WhopperSign. Burger King’s senior vice president expressed that “The Burger King brand is built not only on including everyone, but celebrating everyone. ”

I believe this is a very creative PR campaign that gets people involved and at the same time is honoring a very special day. Burger King is being inclusive to all, and they are getting creative by asking the public to have a say in what will be the whopper’s offical sign. Getting the public interested in the campaign helps to drive revenue to the company. The hashtag is a good way to get people talking about the whopper, and actually getting them out to go and buy one. In my groups campaign we have learned the power of a hashtag and it is a great way to reach lots of people, and get trending.




2 comments on “Burger King wants customers to develop a sign for its Whopper

  1. tayloreste
    April 19, 2016

    I found this article to be very interesting. I agree with Kayla in that this is a very creative campaign where we are educating consumers and getting them engaged with not only the band but American Sign Language Day. The first thing that comes to mind though while reading this is what do the customers that cannot speak or hear think about the campaign. I could see there being some conflict if they found this to be offensive. A way that this could be resolved would be already have creating a sign and spending that sign through the hashtag and other forms of media.


  2. francescajo
    November 7, 2016

    I found this very interesting that they thought of this idea as a way for burger king to celebrate American Sign Language Day because it just shows they care about all their customers and they want everyone to feel accepted when it comes to burger king. I feel it is ver creative how they were able to allow their customers to create their sign for their whopper.


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