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How 10 companies said no to North Carolina’s Controversial LGBT Law

This article is about the reaction companies are having over the passage of a bill in the state of North Carolina that blocks anti-discrimination protection for people who are gay and transgender. Major companies, based in the state, took to social media to send a message to state legislators and to the LGBT community that they do not agree with the law that was passed. The NCAA and NBA, who have games and and an ALL-Star game in Charlotte, have threatened changing locations because of the laws passage. Bank of America, Google, and Paypal also took to their social media accounts to support the LGBT communities and their employees, promoting anti-discrimination policies, and explaining how the law does not reflect their core values.

I think this is a very interesting article because although the companies did not pass the law, the fact they are connected with a state that has this law in place effects their overall image. They immediately took to social media and the airwaves to show the public that they did not approve of their new policies. Overall this is horrible PR for the state of North Carolina and its general assembly. However, for the companies that responded to the legislation, the publicity is good especially in a more tolerant 21st century. With Georgia almost passing a bill that also promoted discrimination based on backwards thinking, it will continue to be an interesting crisis management problem for public relations practitioners of companies who base themselves in these states.




2 comments on “How 10 companies said no to North Carolina’s Controversial LGBT Law

  1. allisonmcguane
    April 19, 2016

    This was a very interesting article to read. I have been seeing a lot of backlash in the news regarding the North Carolina law, and even saw an article that the state of New York banned its residents from non-essential traveling to North Carolina.

    Here is the article here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-bans-non-essential-state-travel-north-carolina

    I wonder how Public Relations professionals in North Carolina are going to handle this bad publicity.


  2. pnov17
    August 31, 2016

    Would you think companies would boycott the North Carolina law for the sake of good PR?


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