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J.C. Penney Just Gave a Perfect Response to the Skirt ‘Controversy’

There was a new dress’s controversy about a Worthington design on J.C.Penny website, and this is spread over Twitter universe.  The controversial design is a white skirt with a pink and black flowers on the front right of the dress. There wouldn’t be any issue if it isn’t about some dirty-minded netizens. They complain about the dress’s coloring and placing and call it “period dress”, which causes viewers’ attention online and the controversy.

The author of the article mentions J.C.Penny as saved-word company when it comes to scandals. This time is not exception. The company refuses to provide any further comment  about the issue, the official response from the press team is that the idea was unintentional to the design, and the brand refuses to give any further comment. J.C.Penny also takes its strong action to get out of negative news cycle by add a 40 % discount to the dress instead of giving any conventional kind of apologizing. Their action and response show a clear voice to media netizen ” get over it”.

I chose this article because this is an interesting and worth-to-learn strategy to face controversy from big brand. Instead of doing something big and risky to media, the brand keeps it response simple and clear. It chooses to stand out  of scandal and more negative issues.

J.C. Penney Just Gave a Perfect Response to the Skirt ‘Controversy’


2 comments on “J.C. Penney Just Gave a Perfect Response to the Skirt ‘Controversy’

  1. kaylafavaloro
    April 19, 2016

    I agree in how J.C Penny dealt with the situation. It really is a rather silly situation that does not require a serious comment by the company. If people want to see it as that, so be it. I think J.C Penny discounting the dress, is a way for them to try and get it out of their inventory and move on. They do not need to apologize for a design that had no intention in that matter.


  2. empa94
    April 19, 2016

    After I ready the article I just can’t understand the situation of the dress, people just made a problem from something that didn’t have to become a problem. But I also like how J.C Penny just try to move on with the situation by putting the dress with discount.


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