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Making your PR Campaign a Success


Rebecca Greenfield author of “Proven Tactics to Make your PR Campaign a Success” discusses the vacillation between hiring PR liaisons and not spending money on them. She states that there is a balance between both of those options. AirPR, the leading industry educator and technology solution that helps businesses better measure PR’s impact, tracked 200,000 articles and has discovered some secrets to PR success. These secrets are beneficial for companies trying to use press to their advantage. These tips could potentially be helpful for Squeeze in increasing their awareness which in turn would help them bring in more revenue, their main goal.

The first tip:

  1. Set your embargos for early morning-morning hours. According to Greenfield, traffic on websites spikes a 5 a.m. EST and 8 a.m EST and people read a lot during the 12 pm lunch hour. These are the best times to send out information if you want a large audience to see it.
  2. Forget about Fridays. Websites see more readership on Mondays and Wednesdays. People become to busy with work on Tuesdays and Fridays’ readership is “non existent” on the Internet. PR engineer Leta Soza says the most optimal time to pitch news stories are on Mondays and Wednesdays
  3. Your own blog can be the best platform. AirPR suggests that relying on media alone is challenging. Companies, such as Squeeze, should use their own blog to increase traffic and sales. The blog has to be done right in order to be successful for the company.
  4. The ideal post length is 1,500 words. When a company creates a post it should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in order to drive the most traffic and get social media attention. Viewer engagement decreases after 4,000 words and then picks back up at 5,000. After 5,000 it is considered a long read.

These tips could be beneficial for Squeeze in their efforts to increase awareness and reach their goal of increasing revenue.




3 comments on “Making your PR Campaign a Success

  1. tayloreste
    April 6, 2016

    This post was extremely informational and relative to my school work right now. I wasn’t aware of the ideal length, early mornings, and no Friday’s but this are great insights. With having campaigns in classes, this is a great source of information. Information like this would be essential after finding out if it still fits with the potential audience of someone’s campaign.


  2. Sam Schaffer
    April 6, 2016

    I enjoyed this thoroughly! It was very interesting to hear that Friday was a low traffic day, considering people are so close to the weekend and can’t wait to get off work. However I guess it is understandable, because by that same logic if people really want to get out of work early, they’ll work hard all day and try and get it all done. They’ll finish earlier than it would have taken them normally if they had skimmed there email once an hour and checked their social media accounts throghout the day. Monday and wednesday are believeable because few people enjoy getting back to work on Mondays, and Wednesday is in the middle of the week, whennpeople start itching for the weekend. The post length information was great, guidelines I’ll keep in mind for the future! When I post for my company, I do generally follow a time table determined by when most people are awake and looking at their phones, mostly at 12pm because that widens my audience to west coast users who are just waking up. Checking our phones first thing in the morning is our generations version of reading the newspaper every morning.


  3. Taylor Young
    September 2, 2016

    I really enjoyed reading your post. These tips will be very beneficial for the upcoming campaign I am starting this semester. Before reading these tips, I would have never guessed that Friday’s are no good for posting on the web. If anything, I thought everyones week would slow down a bit giving them some time to read news stories. Knowing the length of an ideal post is super important so I will definitely keep that in mind when I start writing posts for my client. It makes a lot of sense to keep it on the shorter side because most people (including myself) lose interest in posts if they don’t get the important points across right away.


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