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Don’t Cry Over Colored Buns

Burger King is always coming up with new ideas to get people to invest in their products. Today they actually reused an old one. They are creating an ‘Angry Whopper’, similar to their Halloween Black Burger, which was a hit. The difference being the ‘Angry Whopper’ has a bright red bun.

“The black bun of our A.1. Halloween Whopper created a lot of conversation and our previous limited time ‘Angry Whopper’ sandwich was a hit with guests,” Axel Schwan, Burger King’s global chief marketing officer said in the release. “So, we’re combining the power of these past hits into a star-studded sandwich we think our guests will unanimously agree is the next must-eat burger.”

These simple ideas are genius. People will be intersted in this just because, well, it’s fun! Anything that brings people just a little extra joy is almost never a bad idea. The fact that it has already been successful and got people talking proves that Burger King will have a least some success while running this campaign. I know it makes me kind of want to try it and I’m not even a huge fan of Burger King. If I’m craving a fast food burger though… might as well get the red one. Am I right?

Burger King has kept it consistant with the different colored buns kind of being their thing. They have also run a campaign with the whopper except with rainbow colored buns. This not only promoted themselves by also showed the public that they support gay rights and their whoppers don’t have a sexuality. When you can incorporate something like this into the fun color change it is even better. Something I would’ve suggested would be to maybe not make the red burger the angry burger but possible something about heart disease. There are endless opportunities for this but by trying a good cause into the colored bun it would bring them more publicity and support. It would also inhance their image into something people respected even more. I think what Burger King is doing is simple, fun and smart. You can’t go wrong. Everyone loves to play with their food!





3 comments on “Don’t Cry Over Colored Buns

  1. akswezey
    April 4, 2016

    I have seen a bunch of articles and commercials about this new Whopper. I’m happy you wrote about it so I could learn a little bit more. To me, if their previous campaign was a success, then why not reuse it again? I like the way Burger King creates a WOW factor with their products. Nothing is more eye-catching than a colorful burger bun. It definitely makes me stop and wonder why the bun is another color even though I do not choose to eat at Burger King. And I think that’s the purpose, to catch the eye of their target market but also to catch the eye of those who don’t usually purchase their products.

    I think Squeeze could almost do something similar to this. Because their products are already so colorful, such as green and red, they could market certain products for certain holidays. A pink drink could be sold during the Valentine’s Day holiday and a specialty green drink could be sold for Earth Day, for example.


  2. kaylafavaloro
    April 6, 2016

    I had not heard about Burger King doing this. I think it is smart, because whenever something looks different and appealing, people always want it. Trends come in go with different kind of foods, people try, not because they taste different, but because they look different. I believe it will lead to a success for Burger King, because they will drive people in from different fast food places just because of the color of the bun.


  3. empa94
    April 18, 2016

    I also had not heard about Burger King doing this. But I think they are trying their best to get people attention to improve their sales. I also believe they have a good idea with this campaign but sometimes no matter how good the ad campaign can be if the product does no satisfied the client, their campaign is not going to work.


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