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FIFA sponsors urged to make football body act on damning Amnesty International Qatar report

Once again there is another PR nightmare facing FIFA. It has been almost a year since the revelation of the biggest scandal in the sports industry. If you haven’t heard, FIFA, the governing body of international soccer has been involved in financial corruption scandal possibly going back 24 years. And yet again, FIFA is in the news. An article titled “FIFA sponsors urged to make football body act on damning Amnesty International Qatar report” on http://www.prweek.com revealed another issue regarding the organization. This issue revolves around FIFA’s sponsors who at the end of 2015 were also in the news, calling for the resignation of the FIFA President. As many public relations professionals know, the sponsors are the ones who tend to give the most money to an organization and FIFA is no different. For the 2014 World Cup, the four main sponsors listed in the article contributed over $1 billion to the organization. FIFA’s main sponsors include Adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s as well as Visa and Budweiser who spoke up when the scandal first came out.

In a report published on March 31, 2016, Amnesty International claimed it had evidence of “systematic abuses” by Qatari organizers, including forced labor of migrant workers on the new stadiums. Qatar was already a questionable place to hold a World Cup because in the summer, when the tournament is usually held, temperatures can reach to almost 130 Fahrenheit. All of the incidents that have been occurring have become a PR nightmare for FIFA and the new president, Gianni Infantino will need to address these soon.

Source Article: http://www.prweek.com/article/1389434/fifa-sponsors-urged-football-body-act-damning-amnesty-international-qatar-report

Source Photo: http://st.depositphotos.com/1684360/4463/i/950/depositphotos_44639109-Public-Relations-Nightmare-Ahead-Sign.jpg


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