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Optimizing Your YouTube Channel


For our campaign, we discussed creating a YouTube channel for Squeeze. Amy talked about how she was interested in creating some videos for their business. A YouTube channel would be a wonderful way to share the content. Because I don’t know a lot about YouTube, videos, channels, and more, I decided to look a little bit more into this platform.

Author Chris London, shared 5 different ways to optimize your presence on YouTube:

  1. Develop a Video Content Strategy – Before posting to YouTube, Squeeze would need to create a strategy for their channel based on what they are trying to accomplish.
  2. Create Your Channel Art – Don’t have a plain and boring channel! Squeeze has such a bright and energetic logo and color palette. Including this in their channel will catch the users eye and entice them to visit more. Creating a user icon, logo and banner art will be important.
  3. Make an Intro Video – Sometimes people can stumble upon your YouTube channel and not know what you and your company is all about. An intro video pops up automatically and gives a sneak peak into your brand, business, content, and more! Squeeze could show Amy and Kelly in one of the shops talking about their backstory and what Squeeze is all about.
  4. Use a Call to Action – Keep up with calls to action! This means asking your viewers to subscribe yo your channel, follow on other social media, read your blog and enter email for newsletters. For Squeeze, this would be a great way to spread the word about their other platforms and content. Asking viewers at the end of the video would give them the opportunity to leave the video and go check out other platforms and content right away.
  5. Include Keywords – London recommends choosing the right keywords so that your channel isn’t overlooked and you aren’t affected in Google search rankings. Searching for words that fit your brand will attract new users. Also, check out other competitors to see what words they use. Squeeze could search what Soho Juice Co. and other juicing companies in Tampa and St. Pete use to make sure they aren’t missing anything.

This article gave a nice overview of different ways brands can make their YouTube channel bigger and better! Since Squeeze doesn’t have a YouTube channel, steps 1 and 2 will be most important when starting out. As their channel grows they can begin including more of London’s steps and will see how their channel takes off.

Source/Photo: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-business/5-ways-optimize-your-business-youtube-channel


One comment on “Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

  1. empa94
    April 18, 2016

    I enjoy reading this blog post. I believe the tips given were very good and helpful. Also a good idea mentioning squeeze and how can they apply this tips.


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