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Your Visual Storytelling Strategy: Is It Rooted in One of These 3 Goals?

The article is about using visual storytelling in communicating with customers in media recently, an old technique used in modern technology.The first step is to informing customer. To do so, communication practitioners need to repeat the information of products, which is also called complete saturation in short time to get customers’ attention before they get bored with your informing.

After getting their attention, we need to start a more serious conversation, and visual storytelling is ideal in this step. This technique is called reminding; in other words, using visual elements to help customer engage to your products or brand more deeply and effectively.

Last,  the writer discusses the persuasion which can be done with visual storytelling. Everyone likes benefits. Once customers see it by their eyes, they gain their trust to you, and this will influence on their personal opinion about your products. Thus, meaningful storytelling experience brings chance persuading customers to further benefits for company’s goal.

In my personal opinion, visualizing stories is good way to communicate to customer about products and brand. Moreover, there are brands bringing rituals to screen to tell their story, which is very creative and also helpful to keep, but make old things more interesting to audience. This technique is not simply a new trend, but art.

Source: http://www.prnewsonline.com/topics/pr-insiders/2016/03/17/your-visual-storytelling-strategy-is-it-rooted-in-one-of-these-3-goals/


One comment on “Your Visual Storytelling Strategy: Is It Rooted in One of These 3 Goals?

  1. moorelsarah
    March 22, 2016

    There has definitely been an increase in visual storytelling and especially on Facebook. My newsfeed is cluttered everyday with video content rather than written statuses.


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