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Expedia Brings the World into a Hospital Room

The article Expedia Builds a Gorgeous VR Room to Help Sick Kids Travel the World by Gabriel Beltrone connected to Chapter 7 of The Content Code. Expedia teamed up with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to create a campaign called “Dream Adventures.” The campaigns goal was to allow children that are hospital bound the ability to travel the world by using 360-degree cameras, live-streaming, and a screening room inside the hospital. The commercial captures the reactions of the children as they are taken to different places around the world. According to the article Expedia hopes to, “evoke empathy for young victims of disease while using today’s technology to improve their setbacks by giving them the ability to see the world and the hope to overcome unimaginable hurdles.”

Is this an amiable tactic? I believe it is. Although the campaigns’ propose was to increase sales for Expedia it also supposed a worthy cause. I think this campaign embodies the heroic brand that Mark Schaeffer discusses in Chapter 7 of The Content Code. Expedia created a deeper connection with their consumers through a campaign focused on going beyond their brands services. When consumers see brands advocating for worthy causes it makes them more inclined to uses that company’s services. Overall I felt that Expedia’s partnership with St. Jude was successful in reaching its campaign goals.

Article : http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/ad-day-expedia-builds-gorgeous-vr-room-help-sick-kids-travel-world-170343

Image: http://media3.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2016_11/1018721/st-jude-expedia-tease-002-today-160318_5052637f7486b0719822439f511d9fcc.today-inline-large.jpg


One comment on “Expedia Brings the World into a Hospital Room

  1. kaylafavaloro
    March 25, 2016

    I had never heard of this campaign by Expedia. I believe this is a great campaign because yes they are profiting from it, but at the same time are doing a really good thing for young victims of diseases. I think the concept is great, and shows what modern tecnology can do for the world. I feel like this campaign could even be added on to by continuning to work with St. Judes, and make more of a difference and these children’s lives. This just gave me more of a respect for Expedia as a company.


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