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3 Ways to Create Better Presentation Slides

In this article by PR Daily, it talks about the negative ways people use presentation slides during their lectures or speeches. We all were brought up with the idea of making sure to have a slide to explain every point we are talking about, and to include everything we want to say just in case we forget while presenting. Presentation slides are not supposed to be a direct outline of our presentation, yet just a guide that helps engage your audience.

After taking a public speaking class, I quickly learned what to do and what not to do when using presentation slides. Cramming paragraphs onto slides is a major issue because your audience can read ahead and already know what you are about to say. This can cause the audience to lose interest in your speaking.

Some rules that the article states in order to giving a better presentation with using presentation slides are:

  1. Declutter individual slides. You do not need to include every point on your slide. It is better to say those points orally, rather than jamming the slides with content.
  2. Differentiate your narration from the visuals. You do not need to read of your slides word for word. The audience knows how to read and you can get more across by explaining the significance of the points.
  3. Move to a slide without content when you’re done with the previous slide. Blank slides will save your presentation. Instead of the audience focusing on what you have already explained, a blank slide will draw their attention toward you and what you are saying.

All of these tips will make your presentations more beneficial and hold the attention of your audience.




One comment on “3 Ways to Create Better Presentation Slides

  1. empa94
    April 19, 2016

    The article is helpful to people interesting in learning to creative a presentation that will capture people attention to keep connected with the person presenting. Good blog post to teach orders, the tactics are very helpful.


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