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Sharapova masterful in press conference, but it might not be enough for a Comeback

Monday morning, the sports media thought Maria Sharapova was about to retire. Instead of announcing her retirement, an emotional Sharapova told media gathered at a Los Angeles press conference that she had failed a drug test nearly two months ago at the Australian Open. It was  hailed as a communications grand slam by experts; she broke the story herself, kept her composure, and carefully and professionally walked through the complexities of the case.

Sharapova tested positive for  meldonium, which she claimed she has used for 10 years for various medical issues. It was only recently added to professional tennis’ banned list. Sponsors Porsche, Nike, and Tag Heuer the brands that pay a good chunk of her estimated $29 million salary cut ties with Sharapova within two days of her announcement, suggesting they may have been given a heads up about what was to come.

Tennis equipment brand Head, meanwhile, said it was not only sticking with Sharapova, but would like to extend its contract with her. Sharapova’s goal was likely less to stop the short-term bleeding surely she knew one positive test is one too many for some sponsors and more to help her cause long-term with fans, sanctioning bodies, and potential new sponsors, assuming there’s no second positive test.


Read more at http://www.prweek.com/article/1387095/sharapova-masterful-press-conference-not-enough-comeback#wC1mR48cefd2oqMj.99


2 comments on “Sharapova masterful in press conference, but it might not be enough for a Comeback

  1. michellepaltan
    March 15, 2016

    Whoever was Sharapova’s PR person did a good job in directing her to confront the situation with honesty. Her addressing the public (herself and not someone to speak for her) speaks volumes at the kind of athlete she wants to be rather than just trying to save herself from bad press. I think anyone would understand and be able to humanize with Sharapova because she put a human perspective to it which is that people make mistakes.


  2. akswezey
    March 22, 2016

    I had previously read a little about Sharapova’s announcement a few days ago. I really enjoyed seeing the way Maria presented herself to the media, her peers and fans. By announcing this herself, she brought the truth to attention instead of the media spewing untruthful stories.

    What’s amazing about this story is that instead of losing her sponsors, she actually gained them. Having tennis brand, Head actually extend their contract with her shows that telling the truth, being honest about your past, and moving forward is beneficial not only in business but in life.

    I think other athletes and business professionals should look to how Maria Sharapova handled what could have been a scandal.


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