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Thanks For DD-ing


In class two weeks ago, we watched videos for four different company campaigns. It was interesting to see what other companies created and how they shared their campaigns. Viewing each of campaigns helped our group spark new ideas for Squeeze. I decided to look into other campaigns to get a feel for what exactly other companies have produced in the hopes that I would get more ideas flowing.

Budweiser’s Give a Damn campaign fights against the hazards of drunk driving. After the Super Bowl in 2016, Budweiser took to Imgur, an online image sharing community, with a campaign that had homemade cakes frosted with apologies aimed at designated drivers who drove drunks friends home from Super Bowl parties.

The campaign was produced to thank designated drivers for their responsibility and to raise awareness. The morning after the Super Bowl, the apology cakes were shared on Imgur to create conversations about drunk driving and to make it known to people that there are other ways to arrive safely back home.

I thought the coolest part of the campaign was that the cakes were baked by a local Manhattan bakery and then the photos were taken in an in-house studio. Also, the campaign saw an 85% positive response rate and created a buzz about the severity of drunk driving.

Tying this back to Squeeze and our campaign project, I understand our campaign isn’t about a serious topic such as drunk driving. But I think our team can channel some ideas from this campaign such as the use of a new social media platform, Imgur, and the use of clever tactics to grab attention. The cakes had funny phrases frosted on top such as, “Thanks for DD-ing, Sry I made you stop for tacos…twice.” Our group could always use clever headlines or humor to catch attention.

Photo/Article: http://www.prweek.com/article/1385339/budweiser-creates-apology-cakes-designated-drivers-behalf-super-bowl-party-goers



One comment on “Thanks For DD-ing

  1. Alex Angelos
    March 1, 2016

    I have never heard of the new social media platform Imgur, but I think it is really great how Budweiser started to raise awareness for drunk driving because that isn’t something we see every day in the media, yet it is majority important factor. Today, I think that companies use social media and funny catch-phrases or cool logos or anything that can create buzz on social media. If you incorporate something like that for your Squeeze campaign I think it would make it stand out and be successful!


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