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Deadpool: The Super Marketing of a Superhero

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you’ve been exposed to at least one piece of ingenious marketing content promoting Ryan Reynolds’ pride and joy, Deadpool. The marketing for this movie, in my opinion, has been the greatest campaign for anything that I have ever seen. Deadpool went above and beyond when it came to highlighting the incredibly raunchy nature that the film portrays, while giving away almost nothing about the actual plot.

While reading Emma Ellis’ article, “The Most Obscene Deadpool Marketing, From Tinder to Obscene Emoji,” it became easy to understand why this particular campaign was so successful. Not only did this campaign flood the market with content, but the content was over-the-top in way that only works for Deadpool. Highlights of the campaign include billboards featuring a skull emoji, a poop emoji, followed by the letter “L,” as well as multiple billboards depicting Deadpool as a romantic comedy. The team even created a custom Deadpool emoji and harnessed what Ellis calls the “best weapon in the Deadpool marketing team’s arsenal,” which is none other than Ryan Reynolds himself.

Reynolds’ passion for his latest film is easily displayed on his twitter page. Almost every tweet is related to the film, and he even started a “feud” with Hugh Jackman that focused on Wolverine and Deadpool. It’s clear that Reynolds’ has made an impact on promoting buzz for the film in a unique and creative way, and it is sure to pay off in the long run.

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One comment on “Deadpool: The Super Marketing of a Superhero

  1. hcimon
    February 29, 2016

    I’d have to agree! I can’t seem to escape the movie or the name. They did a great job of getting it everywhere even places you wouldn’t expect. That’s so important when running campaigns because it needs to be in the back of people’s minds. The way they were able to do this allowed people to think about the movie subconsciously.


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