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Crisis in the PR Industry

In the Public Relations industry, it is important to constantly prepare for crises to emerge with your client. You always need to be ready for the unexpected. As we’ve discussed in class, the E. Coli outbreak in some Chipotle stores was a huge public relations crisis. The brand is definitely taking a hit right now crisis_communications-resized-600when it comes to trustworthiness. But what is even more interesting, it that it seems to already be making a comeback.

There was even a social media campaign from Chipotle’s loyal customers saying they would rather die from E. Coli than stop eating it. So how does a brand that had that large of a crisis make a comeback?

Based on the article I read, there are many brands that have made successful comebacks after large crises. Some of the companies listed were BP, Jetblue and PepsiCo.

Specifically, PepsiCo’s strategy is one that stuck out the most to me. Back in 1993, there was an alleged syringe found in a can of Diet Pepsi. After the initial incident, many other reports emerged claiming they found syringes in their Pepsi’s as well. After PepsiCo and the Food and Drug Administration made sure the reports were fabrications, Pepsi began to defend itself.

PepsiCo maintained transparency and was dedicated to the issue. They continued to communicate with the public throughout the entire crisis.

When dealing with a crisis, it seems that the most important thing to do is maintain communication and transparency to consumers. These incidents are important to keep in mind so that if a crisis is to happen, you can be prepared.

Article source: http://www.prdaily.com/crisiscommunications/Articles/20136.aspx

Image source: http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/240746/file-430133993-png/images/crisis_communications-resized-600.png?t=1455232161251


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