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10 reasons why Snapchat is the platform du jour for brands


This article was published in PR Week and was written by Ben Bold and discussed the ten reasons why Snapchat is a popular way for brands to reach young consumers on social media. The article explained ten factors to take into consideration about Snapchat. Most people know that Snapchat is a unique way to distribute photos and videos to others. These photos and videos disappear after a brief time. The article touched on the costs of having an ad on Snapchat as well as some of the brands it is suited too.

Snapchat is something that is used is by mostly the millennial population. When marketers think about advertising on Snapchat they have to be aware of who will be interacting with their ad. I believe if a company wants to target the millennial population it is a very smart way to do so. They are the ones using Snapchat and talking about Snapchat. Snapchat is a very powerful social media tool and it is so powerful because of it being so unique and unlike other social media platforms. It is able to does what the other social media accounts truly cannot do. It has been around for five years and I believe it’ll be around longer if it stays up to date with the trending society.




One comment on “10 reasons why Snapchat is the platform du jour for brands

  1. Alex Angelos
    February 24, 2016

    I completely agree that Snapchat is the new up and coming way to advertise your company. From experience, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram advertisements interfere with your daily news feeds and tend to by passed by. With Snapchat, the advertisements are there for you to watch yourself. They do not bombard you with advertisements and that seems to get people to want to watch them more, and get the message across that the companies are putting out. I think that Snapchat is the most used social media platform today for millennials so this is a perfect outlet for companies that want the target audience of the younger generation.


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