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Last week, Twitter announced that they will be changing the way their users see content on their feeds. Users will see the tweets they are most likely to care about at the top of their timeline in a reverse chronological order. Any other tweets will be underneath the more “important” tweets in a reverse chronological order as well.

Twitter analyzed how users use this platform and are motivated to have the best content surface feeds the most. A press release explained that whether the content comes from a large company, small company, consumer, celebrity, or athlete, the best content will shine through.

The company’s CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted in response to concerns and complaints from media reports and users.

As I read through the article in PR Week, I became a little concerned with this new improved timeline. I’ve spent the past few weeks reading about how to create content so that your followers will share it. With this new improved timeline I worry that smaller companies or brands won’t be able to create content that “shines through” and can compete with larger and more popular brands. So in return, their content won’t make it to the top of followers feeds and will be missed.

I thought about this a little bit more and decided that in order for smaller companies and brands to succeed with this new timeline format, they need to create relatable, powerful content that can reach their followers.This is exactly what I’ve been reading about in The Content Code.

I’m happy I chose this article about Twitter to review because I felt it summed together the reading from The Content Code so perfectly. With changing trends and platforms, companies and brands need to up their content game so they can make it to the top of timelines and feeds.

Article/Photo: http://www.prweek.com/article/1383004/twitter-reorganises-timeline-promising-brands-the-best-content-shines-through



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This entry was posted on February 16, 2016 by in Advertising, PublicRelations, Social Media Marketing, twitter, Uncategorized.

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