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I read the article, “Ad of the Week: Honey Maid Skips the Romance and Celebrates the Unconditional Love of Families” by Angela Natividad publish in Ad Week. The article discussed Honey Maid’s Valentine’s Day commercial, which focuses on the unconditional love of families. This is the kind of content that a consumer wants to share. Rather than creating an advertisement about couples or being single Honey Maid took a different route. The Honey Maid commercial is relatable, emotional, and attention grabbing.

The advertisement starts off by saying, “This Valentine’s Day, let’s think of love differently.” Then goes into a boy telling his mom he’s gay, two brothers of different races talking about adoption, an adult talk to his birth parents, and more. The Honey Maid commercial connects with the Chapter 4: 22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition idea of aiming for conversation, not controversy. According to Mark Schaeffer, “Studies after study shows that positive uplifting content gets more views and clicks over.” This is the type of content that Honey Maid chose to use. The content was uplifting and started a conversation among viewers.

I found this advertisement to be emotional but also refreshing. It was nice to see an advertisement during Valentine’s Day that anyone can relate to. I think this is a time of year that people get caught up in the status of their relationships. In this mindset we forget about the people around us that show unconditional love everyday. I think Honey Maid reached their goal of creating content that stood out in this segment.








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