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McDonalds is implementing a great PR tactic to their happy meals…books! They are getting rid of the Happy Meal Tours only temporarily to replace them with children’s books. They have had a partnership with HarperCollins and the literacy nonprofit, Reading Is Fundamental, to help underprivileged kids who may not have access to books. This will being running through the 15th of this month. “With two-thirds of children living in poverty without books, McDonald’s is helping to provide critical access to books to inspire children to read,” RIF’s CEO Carol H. Rasco said. This PR tactic is huge for Mcdoanlds and sheds light on HarperCollins. Mcdonalds didn’t stop there though, they donated 100,000 books to the  nonprofit just this year.

Think people will be more likely to purchase their kids happy meals this month? I do. This is a serious issue in the US and this particular subject is close to the heart for many people who know people or have been in the situation themselves at any point in their lives. McDonalds isn’t promoting this as them trying to get people to buy their product or a sales pitch but just a campaign showing the good they’re doing. Good will most likely come to their business and they will gain customers and profit but they are also not keeping all of it.i think it was smart for them to take it further and not just stop at putting the books in the Happy Meals but to donate books from some of the profit they will be earning. This way to the public they look more respectable and not just phonies who don’t actually care about the education. Whether that is true or not they did a good job of not making it obvious.



2 comments on “Read It and Eat

  1. empa94
    February 16, 2016

    I really agree with you. People will me more willing to buy their kids a happy meals since what they are promoting is a good cause. I think the campaign they are creating will become very successful.


  2. Alex Angelos
    February 24, 2016

    I think this is an awesome thing that McDonald’s is doing for the kids. McDonald’s has always been a majorly successful company and it is good to see them doing something for the better good of their consumers. You don’t really hear too much about children who don’t have the access to books and things to help them learn like you hear about their lack of food resources. It is good to know that McDonald’s still wants to help those kids who do have the resources to eat, enhance their learning. I think this will unconsciously draw more attention and success to McDonald’s happy meals.


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