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2016 is an election year, which means political advertisements are everywhere. In the article, “What Politics Can Teach Marketers About How Millennials Share Content,” Vincent White takes note of how the millennial audience is receiving and consuming news. The transition has been made in terms of Millennials from receiving information from traditional news media to social media sites such as Facebook. According to White, “sixty-nine percent of millennials get their news from the social network at least once a day.” This information is key to advertisers especially during election season. Millennials are not going to be listening to “Meet the Press” for example they’re going to be looking to social media to provide them with facts they need. White continues on to discuss the fractured audience that the millennial audience creates for advertisers. A successful example is Rare.us, which is a site that writes content geared to the millennial voice. Their effective messaging and content also reaches to both liberals and conservatives, which is crucial to note on a political standpoint.

I found this article to resonate with me as a millennial voter. I consume the majority of my information about politics by reading information on social media. I think I enjoy the discussion that social media provides and always me to digest different viewpoints. For example this election I’ve been watching the SnapChat story to follow the debates. SnapChat is a quick and easy way to get the important pieces of information I need. From there I take that information and fact check it through a reliable source on the Internet. I completely agree that the use of traditional media is not going to be the way to reach the millennial in this upcoming election.

White, Vincent. “What Politics Can Teach Marketers About How Millennials Share Content.” AdWeek. N.p., 22 Sept. 2015. Web. 09 Feb. 2016.



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