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Esurance reprises its Super Bowl Twitter contest



The Superbowl advertisements are always competing each year to be the most successful. This year Esurance was able to beat out the competition with their advertisement. They awarded 16 first prize winners $50,000 during each quarter of the Superbowl. To be eligible for this prize all one had to do was use the hashtag, #EsuranceSweepstakes, or retweet one of their tweets containing their hashtag. The posts made since last Thursday were eligible to win. They ran their two commercials before the kick off and right after the game. They also had a paid promotion on Twitter.

Esurance used the possibility of winning money to get people talking, tweeting, and interacting with their product. This reminds me of the Volkswagen commercial we discussed in class. Both companies used social media platforms to their advantage to get people talking about their product. Esurance paid less when it came to their commercial spot but, was still able to be successful. It was also smart for them to start their competition days before the game. This drew people in to talk about Esurance long before they were talking about other advertisements. It is truly interesting and surprising to hear the most successful ad of the Superbowl was not ran during the game.



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