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3 ways content can transform social media fans into customers

As the growth of Internet, social media become an essential to marketers and PR personnel in engaging more customers. The article suggests three tips to transform social media followers into customer. The first tip is identifying high-quality linking opportunities to boost traffic. In other words, social media sites have high online influence, so using good links, which relate to your audience, can persuade online users to mention your brand name further in the future.

Second, you need to offer users a reason to click on your links. You can make viewers become curious with attractive images or videos, but leave them a surprise, if you do not over or under-sharing information, they would want to click on it.

Last, it’s important to choose your headlines carefully to invoke desire. Headlines are first and important impression, and it can decide social media users’ interest level on your post. Thus, your headlines should be considered cautiously with descriptive words or engaging senses to catch viewers’ attention.

Personally, social media is a catchy term to me. It is one of the most effective tools to interact with customers, so there is no reason to ignore social media when you want to make your brand become more popular. These three tips are very small, but powerful in communicating with online people. PR personnel’s job is to create good reputation of brand to customers, but you first have to let them know your brand.



One comment on “3 ways content can transform social media fans into customers

  1. kaylafavaloro
    February 17, 2016

    I find this very interesting. I feel like to me looking through social media I personally have to be interested in the title. If the title leaves me wanting to know more I click into it. These are great strategies for people to use to try and develop a brand. I think if people pay more attention to these strategies they can get more traffic to different things they want people to click on and interact with.


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