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Facebook vs. YouTube: Which is the best viral platform for Super Bowl ads?

According to PR week article Facebook isn’t making any claims of superiority over YouTube. Instead, the social network is pointing out that its reach, particularly with Millennials, makes it an excellent channel to prime a Super Bowl ad. In a study released last December, Facebook looked at the neural impact of experiencing ads on the social network before seeing them on TV. The study measured brain activity of 100 participants. It found that the group that had seen an ad on Facebook and later saw it on TV had higher levels of brain activity than the group that did not. In particular, the exposed group had higher levels of activity related to engagement, emotional intensity, and memory encoding. The results suggest that running a Super Bowl ad or a teaser on Facebook before it runs on TV will give you better results than just running it on TV.

“The trend that Super Bowl advertising has become a multi-week campaign instead of a moment in time has really come into its own, and brands are reacting appropriately,” said Tara Walpert Levy, MD of agency sales at YouTube.

The article also discuss how out YouTube has become a destination for watching Super Bowl spots. Fans watched some 1,600 years’ worth of Super Bowl ads on the platform in 2015, which was double 2014’s figure. About 60% of those Super Bowl ad views come via mobile, which is slightly higher than YouTube’s average. Also brands that release their ads before the game get an average of 2.2 times more views and 3.1 times more shares. After reading the article I would say it all depends con the target audience of each company to learn and understand which platform has more power and effect in their public.

Read more at http://www.prweek.com/article/1382379/facebook-vs-youtube-best-viral-platform-super-bowl-ads#LIQx74TMylcALtJH.99


3 comments on “Facebook vs. YouTube: Which is the best viral platform for Super Bowl ads?

  1. kaylafavaloro
    February 8, 2016

    I completely agree with this article. I will go on Facebook and watch an ad and then I will see it on TV and make a better connection to it. It sticks out to a person and sometimes seeing it on TV helps to understand it better. I agree that it depends on the target audience of each company. Using social media to show ads in my opinion makes it so people that do not watch TV see it.


  2. moorelsarah
    February 9, 2016

    Interesting-I always wondered why the SuperBowl commercials were released on Facebook before they aired on TV. I think it definitely does add to the hype of seeing them during the game because it makes me look out for ones that I saw before.


  3. hcimon
    February 9, 2016

    I had actually read this article too! I find it fascinating because, to me, YouTube really does seem more logical and many situations for people to advertise. You can easily share that all over YouTube and even people who aren’t watching the game can see it vs. people who are watching the game but may not be on Facebook as much. It’s also drastically cheaper. I remember a few adds striking controversy before they were aired on the SuperBowl and everyone thought it was this horrible scandal yet they go TONS of publicity. Guess they were the ones fooling everyone else. These are the tactics people have to think of and be clever about to get their message out there without breaking the bank!


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