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Uber’s New Logo Causes Backlash

On Tuesday February 2, 2016 Uber released a new logo along with a new branding strategy (Bradley). This has the customers in an uproar (Bradley). Because of this company change, the PR end of their company is going to have to do some major work.

The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick has been claimed to have personally helped in the design and says that the logo, “celebrates technology, as well as the cities we serve (Bradley).” Uber also unveiled a look into some of their rebranding process to other sites (Bradley). This is when the backlash started to come forth. Twitter became filled with customer outrage with an almost unanimous vote against the new changes (Bradley). Customers were saying things anywhere from that the logo is unrecognizable to that it looks like “Pac-Man with a tooth ache (Bradley).”

From here, I think that the PR team will have to decide whether this change will be worth it in the end. The revenue will have to be evaluated to see if there’s an increase or decrease since the change. Also, the PR team want to consider posting more of the reasoning behind the change and where they are looking for their company to go.

I personally am not really bothered by the changes that Uber has made. At first, I do see how it’s unrecognizable and completely stems away from the logo that they had originally had. Then I read how the CEO wants to have their brand focus more on its technology and the cities that Uber is available. This makes sense with their new logo and I can see why they made the changes that they did. It’s just a matter of if customers will be able to get past the new look or not.

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4 comments on “Uber’s New Logo Causes Backlash

  1. empa94
    February 7, 2016

    I also agree with Taylor, nothing really bothered by the changes that Uber has made. I do believe that any changes made to the application will cause a positive effect since changes are made for improvement.


  2. Alex Angelos
    February 10, 2016

    Uber’s logo change came as a huge shock to me. I was really confused when I first say it pop up on my phone and had now idea which app it was for. After seeing that it was Uber, I did not know why they would choose such design to represent their “taxi service”. Now that you mentioned they changed the logo to look more of the part of technology in the cities that they provide their services, but I don’t see how technology relates to a driving service. Yes, Uber is a technology based company but I do not think that is a good representation of their brand to change to completely.


  3. mdoffprblogs
    February 10, 2016

    I was so confused when i looked at my phone and saw the Uber logo had changed. I feel like changing the logo is a big mistake because customers remember Uber with the simplified U shape on a black background. Even though i don’t really agree with Uber changing their logo, i think its pretty innovative that they went for a more technological look, showing how the company is trying to keep up with technology. It is hard though to get past the complete change in logo. I think the idea behind it is cool, but they took it too far too quick.


  4. kaylafavaloro
    February 20, 2016

    I first noticed the new logo when I updated my app a couple weeks ago. I felt as though it did resemble the more technological look they are trying to go for. I understand where the CEO is going with the new logo. I feel like as companies get bigger they have to keep changing to represent what they want their public to know them as. After reading this though, I feel like uber might want to rethink their change, due to the public scrutiny.


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