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How to use social media to win at customer service

how to use social media to win...

The article mentions the most popular social media with tips which helps PR personnel interacts with publics more effectively when many brands’ response to customers does not reach customers’ satisfaction. For example, PR personnel should pay close attention to Facebook message and notification and show publics their appreciation. On Linkedln, brands can post topic to gather customers’ opinion and desire to improve their service and products. Instagram also an effective medium to encourage customer involve and interact, plus, brands can promote themselves to reach more people. Other examples are Twitter, Google Plus, Snapchat and Pinterest.

The article also gives four tactics to handle negative comments. Those are: don’t delete, don’t ignore, don’t fall into troll traps and see it as an opportunity. Deleting and ignoring comment cause customers misunderstanding about business, so a PR pros should ethically work on it either by public or private way. Troll trap’s purpose is to disturb, so once it is considered carefully as troll trap, it can be deleted. If negative comments are seen as an opportunity and handled well, customer might remember with better memory.

I personally think this is an interesting article because social media is a current trend with huge impacts interacting with publics, and it is a part of PR personnel’s job.  Any medium under a brand name represents it, it should be operate well in order not to affect brand’s business. How long publics have to wait for response, how brands’ employees interact with publics and how publics perceive about brands are significant elements impacting form media. Thus, this article brings forth good tips to PR staffs to make customers impressive with company’s business.

Photo source:http://giraffesocialmedia.co.uk/why-is-social-media-so-good-for-pr/

Article source:http://www.prdaily.com/socialmedia/Articles/20079.aspx


2 comments on “How to use social media to win at customer service

  1. kaylafavaloro
    February 8, 2016

    I think this article made good points. Social media makes it so people can leave their opinions and others can look on to these opinions as well. If a company responds fast and respectfully it leaves the customer less hesitant. The customer may actually reconsider their opinion on a brand because of how they dealt with the situation. The four tactics to dealing with comments are very useful for companies. I think this article is very beneficial for companies to look into.


  2. moorelsarah
    February 9, 2016

    This article seems to provide so useful tips! Especially now when consumers are researching more and more before they buy or engage with your company it is important to maintain your social media service.


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