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The game has been changed

In the article, ” A new ball game A new ball game: Wireless networks throw down with performance-based marketing”, the idea of a new PR strategy from the top wireless networks is introduced. They have created a “rolling balls” theme and all but one of the networks have participated. They reference the same idea in all their commercials with the exception of AT&T who did not have produce anything with the “rolling balls” theme. These new ads are suggesting switching networks rather than continuously buying a new phone every time they come out. This is a good tactic because buying these phones constantly get extremely expensive. Even though they are suggesting this to help their business grow they are still sending out the message that they don’t want their customers to have to spend all their money. It seems makes people believe they are looking out for their customers. Tim Farrar, analyst and president at research firm TMF Associates, mentioned how the networks are enhancing “marcomms efforts touting network performance and quality”, to get their customers to switch back to their service. “This is the big change from a couple years ago; no longer can they say, ‘Come to us to and upgrade to a smart phone.’ Now it is ‘Come to us so that your smart phone will work better,’” he says. As a PR tactic this is genius. Although all the providers are competing they are also working together. They are helping one another bring this to the public’s attention. I feel that it was a bad call on AT&T’s part to not join in because now the are going to easily be forgotten. As unfriendly as their competing might be, it almost has a friendly aspect to it too. It makes me want to support all of them a little more now. The approach of not just buying a new phone is almost unheard of too. It always about the new technology and not the network itself when in reality this is equally if not more important!!!

Read more at http://www.prweek.com/article/1381552/new-ball-game-wireless-networks-throw-down-performance-based-marketing#oKeJJ4S84grzlyuL.99


One comment on “The game has been changed

  1. Taylor Este
    February 3, 2016

    I have seen these commercials for different wireless carrier companies on many different channels. I believe that the “rolling ball” tactic can be a positive and negative thing for their company. The negative aspect would be that all the companies are doing the same sort of commercial so not only does it bring exposure to the companies whose commercial it is but also their competitors. Therefore, it could potentially backfire since it is not completely focused on their brand.


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