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Honesty is the Best Policy

When you were little and you knew you did something bad (and you couldn’t blame it on your sibling), you admitted to it.  Even though the thought of punishment and losing any dessert for the rest of the night was scary, it was always better than if you kept the story you had going for days and then getting caught.  Crisis Management is a lot like this, however most companies get caught up in the crisis part and do things that make it more hard for them.

Honesty is always the best policy.  As Ian James Wright explains in his 6 Steps to Guide You Through a Social Media Crisis, “don’t wait and see whether or not it blows up before taking action!”  Delaying the truth from your consumer and stakeholders breaks the trust and any relationship you had with them.  Which by the way is the most important tool you have in succeeding in a business.  plan-5881.jpg

Obviously, the first order of business is to have crisis plan before the crisis.  Crisis never happens when you are ready and the way they are handled will determine the future of the company greater than any good that has been done.  As steps 5 and 6 say, knowing what to say and how to say it are going to be the most important when implementing your crisis management plan.  Being transparent as to any issues or information that is arising will show consumers the good in the bad, as long as its sent out to a channel that connects with them the most.

Source:  http://www.prnewsonline.com/social-media-crisis

Picture Source:  http://www.paradigmsi.com/?white-paper=crisis-management


About michellepaltan

Michelle Paltan is a communications professional and social media specialist with experience in content development for social media platforms, graphics for page layout and vector programs, and media writing for publication.

One comment on “Honesty is the Best Policy

  1. empa94
    February 1, 2016

    I totally agree with Michelle and her way of thinking. Transparency is key in social media. YouTubers who have always been open with their viewers often show the most success. It only makes sense to stay transparent, even during the bad times of crises.


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