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Always Remain Enthusiastic about Enthusiasm

lolWhen we are young, between ages five to nine, we get starry-eyed and enthusiastic when we are asked about what we want to be when we grow up. These answers that vary painters to Presidents are truthful in our minds. However, to those older than us, we are being nothing but mere dreamers. This is not usually because they want to discourage us from pursuing our dreams, but because they are workers in realistic work fields and think they are looking out for us. Some parents/ guardians take it upon themselves to mention that these dreams are unrealistic and in this process, the enthusiasm levels sometimes drop in children and sometimes do not. This, I believe is a recurrent scenario in life that we cannot seem to avoid.

Fast forward to these same kids now between ages 19 to 22, when they are experiencing and working through their first internships. We, college students, are usually excited because we are putting knowledge acquired in school to use and we are living out dream jobs even if it is for a short period of time. A lot of times, after weeks of work, we get overwhelmed and start to lose enthusiasm. We begin slacking because we know we are not there for a long period of time. However, I and Lauren Purisky, senior public relations major, communication arts and sciences minor at Pennsylvania State University urge ye internship workers with lack of motivation to not lose hope. This is simply because, as Purisky puts it in her blog post “Maintaining Enthusiasm in an Internship: Don’t Get Discouraged, Get Motivated,” “There will be challenging projects in any career but this is how we become masters of our trade. Getting motivated rather than discouraged is an effective way to complete the tasks while furthering your professional potential.” Purisky’s statement and her entire article that motivates and encourages college students not to lose enthusiasm during internships by presenting logical reasons hit home with me because I have experienced just this. Unfortunately, I had to learn the task of acceptance and refusal to lack enthusiasm the hard way; I wish someone had told me the way Purisky has voiced out this truth in her blog post.

Remaining enthusiastic about your internship shows great preparation for life in the P.R work field because consistency is key and the challenges one experiences prepares him/her for the hassles and constant obstacles that comes with tasks of multiple jobs in the imperfect P.R department. It prepares you for the many roles such as counselor, researcher, issues manger, marketing communicator, that you are expected to act out as a public relations professional.




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