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Broadcast Media’s Revival in a Digital Media World


“You can tell a story, but there’s nothing like seeing a story,” she says about the value of broadcast media. “Whether it’s something like a fire or seeing the look on a child’s face after they receive a brand new laptop thanks to a donation —  seeing and hearing the story makes a huge impact.”

With broadcast news every single person has to be sure that they stay with the times and keep updating the people to help them understand what is going on in the world. Most people want to know whats going on and look to social media now to find out more information about it. Other people are just looking on social media and stumble upon the news as they scroll through the feed.

There is an art to getting the story across in enough time to broadcast all the news that the consumers want to hear. With more news that is being put onto social media, broadcast newscasters now also use the help of social media to tell the world what they want them to know what is going on in the world. As a result both the news and social media is now being used to help get news across to people.

“It’s a given that broadcast journalists have to now use social media throughout the day; “


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2 comments on “Broadcast Media’s Revival in a Digital Media World

  1. Sina Oshatz
    November 18, 2015

    This blog post provides great insight on the concept of “show, don’t just tell.” I feel like in order for news reporters to come across as credible sources, they have to show video footage, or photographic evidence to back up what they’re saying. In this day and age we’re all visual people, we like to see things to believe it. I relate this to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Of course we hear about all of these terrible occurrences, but live footage of the attacks is so much more emotion evoking.


  2. lucysherman
    December 9, 2015

    Interesting that you have this perspective on broadcast news; you might be the only one I know that still has this perspective. In this technological era, a lot of people do not rely on a lot of news outlets for fast new updates. I say this because we have the likes of Twitter and Facebook that everyday people can use to update others. This is what scholars like Clay Shirky and Yochai Benkler would deem as “participatory culture” and “commons-baed peer production.”
    Do you think this idea of Social Media users somewhat being in charge of the news cycle now is detrimental to our news intake or really an innovation?


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