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81D9ujFyelL._SL1500_The company Linksys who is behind home routers and other gadgets pull back on programmatic ads. The company touches on the challenges and unpredictable results that automated ad buying can bring. They go on to state several examples, such as the lack of visibility of where they actually appear, the manner in which they render on multiple platforms, and finally the true cost per ad. For this, they have cut these budgets in half. Although, these methods can be more cost effective, it appears to lack substance to reach people who will engage with the ads the way marketers intend. Belkin International, the company behind this all has found more success by investing the advertising dollars with premium publishers that can help to distribute the material in innovative ways.

One of the companies they have patterned with recently is HULU, which is the dominant online streaming service for television. They created a spot that would appear on the site highlighting a dreaded nightmare for viewers; the buffering wheel. This is where Belkin comes in with their innovative Linksys routers to save the day. This becomes a relevant and non-intrusive way to introduce a product we generally don’t pay much attention to, but holds a great amount of responsibility in many of our homes. In the end, reaching the qualified customers will be more beneficial than blindly trying to chase the flock.


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  1. Sina Oshatz
    November 18, 2015

    Although I have not seen the ad myself, I think that it certainly is a new innovative way to capture the attention of consumers. No one pays attention to Linkskys, but we all watch Hulu or Netflix, so the creation of a TV spot in between watching shows forces the message in front of people creating more awareness about the brand. Although the company may be investing more money into this marketing tactic, I agree with you and believe that this is a more effective way to reach the target audiences.


  2. courtneykamin
    November 19, 2015

    I believe a lot of people just move through ads now and no one ever stops at regular ads either because no one wants to buy or take the time to look at the ads anymore. I feel like ads are not doing well in this up and coming technology stage anymore. I do not think they will ever fully go away, but in order for people to see ads now a-days they have to be able to figure out how to get to the people in a new way. HULU is probably one of the best places to do ads for a company router such as Linksys, because it is a router and HULU is almost always on some sort of wireless network to watch shows on.


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