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Twitter Now Allows Users to Create Emotional Connections <3


Earlier this week, an article published on PR Week, titled “No ‘hearts’ for the end of Twitter’s ‘stars’,” revealed that Twitter is not changing the ‘star’ icon, the symbol for favoriting a Tweet, to a ‘heart’ now to symbolize liking a Tweet. The company claimed that this change makes the social media platform easier for users, and more culturally diverse. The heart, according to Twitter’s blog, “is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones.” The main purpose for this change is to create more of an emotional appeal among users, because you may like a Tweet, but it may not be your favorite.

I think this update to Twitter is for the better, because this places it in the category among other more popular social media mediums such as Instagram. On Instagram, you can like a photo using the heart symbol, so it only makes sense to use this same symbol, known to most, on other programs. I have personally noticed the recent decline of Twitter use among publics, with more attention payed to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. I think that this is a great PR tactic, because by adopting the use of the ‘heart’ for likes, Twitter is now gaining more publicity, and users may potentially be drawn back to using the platform again, or joining if they were not previously members.



One comment on “Twitter Now Allows Users to Create Emotional Connections <3

  1. shandratarvin
    February 3, 2016

    I agree that this is going to make Twitter more trendy. It already is a unique platform ,however, I believe a lot of people really favor the star. It is great they are not getting rid of it. Many people were not happy about the missing star. Now that they have a heart icon, they can convey a different emotion, and it has more interactive appeal. The heart is a universal symbol that is known worldwide, so this is a great idea.


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