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A modern day compass

photo-originalKickstarter has become the go to place for many creative minds to get their products from the prototype stage to manufacturing, while being able to create positive attention and a following simultaneously. It is through this, that BeeLine is one step closer to achieving their goals. The product is a handlebar-mounted device that helps you to find your way on a bike through a compass oriented system, rather than your standard turn-by-turn approach that a GPS gives.

The need for the product comes from the fact that navigating while on a bike through a city can be quite challenging and dangerous. It’s no different from texting while driving; that checking your phone for the upcoming turn can be extremely distracting. Furthermore, in order to be safe you might get frustrated from the frequent stops you constantly have to make to check for directions.

This is where BeeLine shines. The complexities of navigation are stripped away in order to deliver a seemingness experience. You cruse at your own pace deciding what streets might work best for you through the compass navigation system. In this scenario, rather than being confined to a set of directions you are free to explore what route will work best for the rider. The purpose of this is to give and your bike a new incentive to explore. You can get to your destination through the quickest ways possible, but you can also explore new trails and end up in the same place.

The device has been created to be simple, intuitive, and affordable for everyday riders to experience athletes. The BeeLine straps to your bike when in use, and than fits into a protective case that you can carry with you on your key ring. The battery life is set to be extremely long lasting and is also whether sealed for any condition.

They will continue to raise funds for production and they are set to ship to early backers around summer of 2016


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I am a photographer and cinematographer from Nashville, TN currently in Tampa, FL.

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