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Spice Up Social Media With a “Third Party”

This week, in Regina Luttrell’s Social Media, we read about how businesses and organizations should construct a social media plan in order to effectively communicate and create relationships with consumers through social media mediums. In an article published on PR Newswire, titled “Content Curation: The Trick to Maintaining a Consistent Social Media Presence,” many of the ideas Luttrell highlighted in the chapter are referred to, along with the enforcement of the importance of not only implementing, but “maintaining” a social media plan. The article speaks about how it’s a difficult task, even for social media experts, to “fill – and then refill – your social media coffers with new and useful content tailored to the unique needs of each platform,” on a day-to-day basis.

It is possible that a company may not have enough information or updates to post about on social media each day, so a solution that many PR professionals turn to is “content curation.” This content could be anything from a news story about a competitor, or even general market trends obtained from a credible source that is relevant to the organization. PR professionals are encouraged to outsource “third-party articles” to keep constant updates on various social media mediums on a daily basis. This is an acceptable form of posting, as long as the source in which the content comes from is credited. Content that is curated should benefit the brand and provide information that is appealing to the target audience.

This article provides great examples of ways that companies can upkeep their social media platforms, aside from conducting a well-thought-out social media campaign. I believe that the ideas relayed through the article are helpful tools for public relations professionals to reference when hitting a roadblock on creative content to post on an organization’s various social media sites. This will ensure that the organization will maintain constant social media viewership and followers.



One comment on “Spice Up Social Media With a “Third Party”

  1. courtneykamin
    November 10, 2015

    I know it is hard to keep so many updates when there really isn’t much to update, so I like that they use “third-party articles” to keep updates happening. It is something that keeps the people who want to know information everyday to know what is happening, not only within the immediate company but also any sort of information around the company.


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