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How to make the perfect email introduction

With more people learning how to use email, the more it is becoming an informal way of introducing people to each other. Back when the internet started email was something that was formal and something that is new and exciting for people to learn a new thing.

The article talks about maybe going into what is necessary to introduce someone. A person has to talk about why they are introducing each other, instead of leaving it as, “you two should connect” type ordeal. When one should talk about why they want the people to connect, as well as a reason to connect on a personal level as well. The person of the article used an example of maybe saying the two people are cyclists and that they should get together.

Make the email a worthwhile message to read. Something that someone does not just read and look at it like it is something that someone forced upon them. Make it a worthwhile meeting in which one is comfortable meeting each other, like they would in person. Make the person as comfortable as they should be when they are meeting in person, rather than making the person uncomfortable in person and through email.

“Make sure there’s a true benefit to the introduction, not just “Hey, you’re both mammals that breathe air.”




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