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RebelMouse CEO: The homepage is dead


This week’s chapter in Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics talked about the homepage of websites and how they are useful to a company.  They are used to target certain publics as well as provide certain information quickly before the viewer loses interest.

The article I found at PR Week, says otherwise.  Paul Berry, the CEO and founder of RebelMouse, attended the PR Council’s Critical Issue’s Forum on Thursday and said, “Social networks have taken the place of the homepage.”

He continues on to say, “People are still making websites and expecting traffic to be driven to it, but it actually has to be through distribution platforms; it is a cultural movement.”

Companies can no longer rely on their homepage to do the job.  I honestly believe that companies do realize this, even though the article makes it seem like it is a big deal and that companies don’t know what to do.  Large brands have been using social media for a short time now but they know that this is the distribution platform to reach them on.

I feel that in the past consumers used to look for specific brands/companies/products, now I believe that these brands/companies/products must find the consumer.  It is a very interesting concept that companies must find and entice you instead of the other way around.


One comment on “RebelMouse CEO: The homepage is dead

  1. courtneykamin
    October 26, 2015

    I feel like that is true how companies do know what they are doing, but maybe it does not seem as prominent to them as the writer feels it should be. Social media is a very good tactic and can be used as a home page, but I feel that it depends on what kind of social media user is trying to access information. I feel that I do not use social media as much as other websites that seem to have information, because I do not feel social media is very trustworthy.


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