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Virtual Reality Is Not The Future.

70f91916-47da-49c2-8259-5f804e2bd901The concept of virtual reality seems far beyond our time, but it may be right around the corner. In todays advertising efforts, we focus on mobile ads, social media, product placement, enorsments, and traditional avenues like TV. However, the new medium that may take us by storm is Virtual Reality.

According o the article, “Virtual reality is set to become the next major platform to shatter the advertising norms, dramatically changing how brands and advertisers connect and emphasize with consumers.” You could say that it would be the last frontier of mediums, because anything after would be created in the realm of virtual reality.
We are all about stories at the moment. We don’t want to hear about the sales of the company or what they are doing to develop their latest products. We want to be connected to them. We want the relationships to hold some sort of meaning. Virtual reality will create a new way for stories to be told. They will engage consumers in ways that have not been technologically feasible in the past.
One incredible example that we get through this is illustrated not long ago in the World Cup that was hosted in brazil in 2014. Coke created an over the top experience that put fans of their drink in the fields along with the most prominent soccer starts of the world. The crowd was immersed in all aspects from locker room prep to game day access.
You can only imagine the stories this individuals had from an experience like this. The coke brand gave them an opportunity to see where the VR technology is going and how they plan to be at the forefront of the change. Companies like apple, Facebook, andSony all have big plans to develop further advertising efforts across these mediums.

The future of advertising is set to change as we know it.


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I am a photographer and cinematographer from Nashville, TN currently in Tampa, FL.

2 comments on “Virtual Reality Is Not The Future.

  1. courtneykamin
    October 26, 2015

    I feel the same way that the way to get to people now is through their emotions. I feel as if in order to get any attention one has to really pull on the heartstrings of the consumer. I for one am someone who does not like any commercials, but if it shows up on social media of a commercial that has been pulling on heartstrings I will watch it and see what it is.


  2. Sina Oshatz
    October 27, 2015

    It really is crazy that the concept of virtual reality is developing before our eyes, whether we realize it or not. Normal advertising does not catch the audiences’ attention like it used to, so I find it interesting what types of innovations companies, advertising and PR professionals are coming up with in order to keep consumers engaged. I think that the example you provided in your blog post about Coca-Cola’s tactic during the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is definitely a stepping stone towards virtual reality. With technology moving at rapid speeds, there’s no doubt in my mind that our generation, at the least, will be witnessing new advertising tactics through virtual reality.


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