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The Exciting Technology In Back to the Future No One Noticed

Starting October 20th, many people had a blast from the past to remember the movies of Back to the Future Part II, because on October 21st Marty travelled to this day into the future. All over many social medias, as well as all over the news people were talking about how much the movie had gotten right about the future and how many things they got wrong. Even the USA Today made the newspaper for the 22nd of October to be the newspaper from the Back to the Future movie.

Looking into the movie itself, though, we never got our hoverboards, as well as the dress is no where near what they predicted.

“The movie predicted a lot of real world technological advancements, such as video conferencing, hands-free gaming, giant flat screen TVs, and video glasses.”

What many people didn’t talk about throughout the media is biometric signatures. We have a start to this with our cell phones. The problem with this is the fact that people have different logins and how some devices have glitches. We would need a sort of technology that would be able to have all our information to everyone to every device to be able to make that work with one fingerprint.

This movie is a huge part of everyone’s lift because the fact that now we have been many years past the release date of Back to the Future and how we still are talking about the movie itself this many years later. Now that we have past the date of when Marty travelled into the future, Back to the Future, will now have fully taken place in the past.




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