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NBA Seeks Human Connections


In this article we learn about the NBA’s new efforts to reach a much wider audience for the upcoming season on October 27th through their “This is why we play” campaign. As a part of the leagues ever-broadening media strategy they are enlisting the help of some unconventional channels to continue its hunt for casual fans, these include HGTV, ABC, and Nick at Nite on Nickelodeon. The NBA will later try to expand these efforts to other non-sports media in hopes of attracting this target through comedy central, MTV, Spike, and VH1 among others.

The overall strategy has been greatly successful thus far, and this is why they are continuing to push and move the numbers up. The NBA has been able to spend $42.2 million dollars more on these ongoing efforts. The new campaign spot was design by an award winning ad agency called, Translation. Their portfolio features work with some leading companies like Apple, State Farm, and Sprint and they have a strong sense of creating work that starts conversations, moves culture, and drives demand.

The scenes of the ad have been methodically balanced between both on and off the court, with many great moments in NBA history from legends and experiences of basketball worldwide through the fans. The ad aims to make a relatable, emotional, and human connections with the viewers. It’s much more than simply the sport. There’s a bigger picture of unity and passion that is shared by many of the peoples from different walks of life.


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One comment on “NBA Seeks Human Connections

  1. Sina Oshatz
    October 15, 2015

    I find it very interesting that the NBA is trying to expand it’s audience, considering sports appeals to such a specific group of people. I think it’s smart for the NBA to try more of an emotional approach, embodying the idea that people within this organization care more about other aspects of life other than basketball. I will definitely have to check out this ad, because your blog post intrigued me to know how the NBA conducted the ad with a different appeal other than the game itself.


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