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Why Business Masterminds are must Attend Events for Entrepreneurs

“Being an entrepreneur, running a startup, being your own boss, they’re all awesome. The excitement, the fear, the journey in itself is such a fun ride. I think anyone in the same boat as me would agree.” (http://shankman.com/five-reasons-you-should-attend-a-business-mastermind-this-year/)

Entrepreneurs need to think differently in order to make their business to keep going. Growing up with a mother who was an entrepreneur she constantly had to think on her feet for new ways to get the job done. She was always changing her business slightly to bring in more people, she constantly was marketing her business and attending meetings with other people to make her business progress.

This article talks about how the event ‘Mastermind’ is a must attend event for entrepreneurs because of the way the event makes someone think afterward. It makes people who believe that their business is working and that they do not need to change anything to keep moving forward to get out of the rut and make something new. Entrepreneurship is something that is consistently changing and can never stay in one place. One has to be able to change their ideas often. They do not have to change their ideas too much, but to be able to survive the ever changing world, one has to be able to move with the times and change their idea every so often. One has to be able to market to each person while keeping their business alive. Just because the business is booming at that moment does not mean it will last forever it can easily change with the slight age group change that happens every year, with everyone getting older.




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One comment on “Why Business Masterminds are must Attend Events for Entrepreneurs

  1. Sina Oshatz
    October 15, 2015

    I liked your post about entrepreneurs attending events because business, like other industries, is always changing. I think it’s beneficial for professionals in the fields of PR and advertising as well, whether they’re entrepreneurs or not, to attend events such as these to stay up to date with current trends. Events are also a great way to meet new people and network, building connections with other individuals in your industry, as well as hear about other people’s perspectives and approaches when conducting business.


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