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Incorporating Doodles in Your Content Marketing Strategy


This article stuck out to me for the simple fact that children have been getting yelled at for noodling for many years and now doodling can prove to be useful in our work field.  Scott Torrance, author of the article Doodles Take Their Seat at the Content Marketing Table, “argues that doodles are an effective mix in content marketing strategy and a core tool in his business toolbox.”  The reasons he gives for this are to, break through visual disruption, provide authenticity and humanization, and create subconscious engagement.

I really enjoyed this article because I believe its theory to be true.  Our day to day lives are bombarded with state of the art, high definition images through marketing and advertising strategies.  Going back to basics and advertising/marketing with doodles will catch someone’s eye and cut through the noise of the rest of the images.  This idea, for some reason in my mind, parallels that of the fashion world.  Often times in fashion, trends that were large 20 years ago make their way back to the fashion world and become a trend once again.  I think that doodles are going through that now and should be a successful form of advertising that public relations practitioners should not overlook.


One comment on “Incorporating Doodles in Your Content Marketing Strategy

  1. courtneykamin
    October 13, 2015

    I believe this is very true that back when we were in our younger years we were always criticized for doodling. Especially with the older teachers. As I grew up I noticed how people were able to interrogate doodling into the teaching style. The younger teachers encouraged people to doodle because as the teachers learned that children learned better when they doodled if they were a doodler. It is becoming more of a fad to make sure that people are efficiently learning rather than making everyone learn the same way.


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