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Cruising to Comeback: Carnival Corporation Receives the 2015 Best of Silver Anvil


This article talks about how the cruise lines worked to get their PR part of their business to make them seem like a better business. The cruise line took a hard hit when the cruise line lost power and made the passengers without power for 5 days. The cruise line then became known as the “poop cruise”.

“We could not ignore that the incidents happened; we had to address them and fix them. But then the goal became, let’s go out and talk about why people like to cruise, why people like to go on vacation, and get the dialogue back to normal,” said LDWW group founding partner Ken Luce. “We had to tell the story fresh.”

The cruise line had to work hard to make their image work to their advantage again. They worked on the safety of the ships and their operation. They had to recruit passengers so that they could fill up their ships. For me I would not mind so much as going on a trip on the cruise if there were many problems in others. I would be one of the people who would grab the good deals for vacations to be able to go on a vacation while everyone else is scared to go.

The company worked hard to fix old problems, recruit new people to come as a future goal and finding a way to get there.

“If you look at the whole vacation industry, while there’s millions of people who cruise — Carnival Corporation alone hosts nearly 11 million guests a year — there’s [even] more who haven’t,” Luce said. “How do we get people to cruise for the first time? How do we get those who are going on cruises again and again to have more and better experiences? Now we’re talking about: How do we build the business?”




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