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Who is El Capitan?


I find myself talking once again about a leading brand that I use everyday, all the way from my iPhone that I carry in my pocket everywhere I go to my 27″ home computer where I really dive into big projects.

Recently, the long awaited release for the new OS X  has hit the app store. El Capitan really seems to be underestimated right now by the new releases of the iPhone 6s models and iPad Pro. However, this piece of software is not to be taken lightly.

According to the article, the apple team has somehow found a way to improve their operation systems consistently every year since 2011. I am talking about substantial upgrades here, all the way from performance to aesthetics. We are surprised every year. The article defines the changes by saying, “Apple hasn’t just focused on making OS X more stable, it has also added new features to the default apps.”

One of the great new features for productivity will have to be split view. I am personally so exited to finally have this feature at my fingertips. I will have the ability of running multiple apps fit my screen automatically, without connately having to make changes in size to adjust my windows. I will always use up the real estate of whatever device I am using at that moment.

Apple has been able to make quite a following through these updates that are now available for free every year. They are able to make a big splash every year from pseudo events that gain world media attention for them.



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